Play the piano with BOTH hands in 4 days!

8 Weeks Worth of Piano Lessons!

Beginner Blastoff Piano Camp

(Beginner students, ages 6-12)

Avoid many of the common mistakes that students make in their first weeks of piano playing, by learning music with the instructor, instead of at home!


Receive a FREE piano readiness assessment.

At the end of Blastoff Camp, you will receive a personalized assessment of your child’s progress for the week, at no extra cost.

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Not All Lessons Are Equal.

When most students start learning to play the piano, they quickly get bored playing songs they don't recognize on only the black notes, with one hand at a time.

The first time a student plays a song with both hands, their face lights up. It brings a new excitement to their playing and a huge improvement to their sound. (Who wouldn't want to keep playing when it sounds good?)

What if we could teach students to play this way early on in their piano lessons?


Beginner Blastoff Camp


Students will move faster through the first book of our piano curriculum by receiving 8 weeks worth of lessons in just four days. 


Students will enjoy playing pieces that they recognize and will have opportunities to play duets with the teacher throughout the week.


Students will learn to read music on the first day and will be able to play with both hands by the end of the week.


Piano can sometimes be an isolating instrument to learn, but not at RiverFront Studios. Our social setting is made for students to learn together!


"I expected it to be harder for my child to pick up on reading music. I was surprised by how fast he memorized note names and could accurately find the correct keys on the piano."

-Katie M.

"I was surprised at how quickly he caught on and started to speak the language of music. Right away he was using the correct terms when he spoke about the music and he was really excited each time there was a new song to play.  It also took me by surprise when he started playing with both hands.  I expected it to take longer but it really didn't!"

-Rebecca G.

"My biggest surprise was seeing how well my son played once he got comfortable enough learning the keys. He learned pretty fast and his confidence would go up!"

- Gina C.

Built for Success From Day One.

We want your child to love playing the piano.

Monday Musician Bootcamp

The first day of camp will focus on the foundations of music notation, rhythmic literacy, and getting acquainted with sitting at the piano.  Each child will be able to play three songs by the end of this day!

Daily Group Performances

When you pick your child up each day, you will be invited inside for a brief  showcase of one piece they are working on.  This is a great way to build confidence and prevent performance anxiety from the very beginning of their piano playing.

Piano Readiness Assessment

At the end of camp, you will receive a personalized assessment of your child’s progress for the week and our recommendation of when to continue lessons.

About RiverFront Studios

RiverFront Studios is a family-owned business located in downtown Waterville, Ohio, specializing in Piano Lessons & Art Classes.


Try piano lessons, RISK FREE.

If you’ve always wanted your child to try piano lessons, but didn’t want to invest all of the after-school time during the busy school year, this is the perfect way to try it. 

No weekly commitment, no at-home practice, no need to purchase an instrument.